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10 Free Softwares That Will Help You Earn Money

10 Free Softwares That Will Help You Earn Money

Welcome to the 21st century where there are several ways of earning money besides from employment. For example, imagine you needed some extra income, but couldn’t raise for one reason or another. What would you do? Well, your phone could be the miraculous savior here. There are free apps that could help you generate extra cash easily. With them, you can earn; whether in the form of raw cash or gift cards. Either way, your pocket will be loaded. Have a look.


This app will drive you crazy from its amazing features. Download it today and perform specific searches, watching videos, taking surveys as well as playing games. Dependent on the number of SB you’ll obtain, you can, therefore, swap them for money or gift cards. What are you waiting for? Get it instantly from Google Play or iOS today!

Snap By Groupon

With this app, you’re able to browse via different grocery items which are found for cashback rebates. After you purchase a product, then send a photograph of your receipt, Snap by Groupon deposits money in the Snap by Groupon account. And when you earn $20, you’ll get a check as an award for your shopping!


It may sound near impossible to get paid for living healthily, but it’s the truth with Pact. After signing up for free Pact, you make daily promises to be exercising, eating healthy or logging your meals. Fulfill that promise, and you earn $5 weekly. Fail to do so too, and you will pay others who fulfilled the promise.


Are you a pro in handling your duties that you don’t mind doing other people’s? Then TaskRabbit is free on Google Play and iOS for you. When you apply online to be a Tasker, you will have an opportunity to set a rate per hour to help others research, organize their things et al. Besides, with the current state of the economy, who would say no to extra cash?


College textbooks are expensive. So with this app, you can sell them back instead of filling your shelves.


Look at your wardrobe and honestly speaking, there are clothes, accessories or shoes that you no longer want. This is where Poshmark comes handy to help you sell those items and make extra cash.


The app is a couponing one where you earn cash-back rebates. It approves receipts from participant retailers and stores such as HEB, Walmart, Kroger, Ralph’s and Whole Foods. Why not make some extra income with this?


Here you’re paid for website feedbacks. Per test, it pays $10 which involves finishing tasks, visiting any website then you record your user experience feedback for about twenty minutes. It uses software for recording your clicks, voice and mouse movements. With this, you can earn via PayPal.


The app rewards you after shopping in stores any time you spend in partner retails. You also can obtain kicks even without spending via scanning some items and checking in stores. Although you might not get money directly, you may sell the points to get gift cards.


The app pays for jobs. It is similar to TaskRabbit, but you manage tasks for brands and retailers who need to monitor their products and marketing events progress. You can earn from $3 – $300 with this app.

So, what are you waiting for? Download these apps and start earning as soon as today!

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