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5 Reasons Not To Charge Your Phone Overnight

5 Reasons Not To Charge Your Phone Overnight

The debate on whether or not to leave your phone plugged in overnight has persisted for years. But the truth is, it is wrong for the phone? Or dangerous, regarding your safety? In fact, it’s not clear what the right time is to plug in your phone. Is it when it hits zero percent? Or before? Many people argue that it is dangerous to leave your phone charging, but people still do that, regardless. Well, here are reasons you should not leave your phone charging overnight.

1. Your Phone May Heat Up

The trickle charge can cause your phone to heat up, especially if you have put it under the pillow or on a stack of books. And while it may not cause fire outbreaks, it can damage your battery. If you are to leave your phone charging overnight, therefore, it is recommended that you place it on a metallic surface to absorb the excess heat.

2. Can Reduce Your Phone’s Capacity

Usually, your phone’s charger turns off when the battery is full. This is a mechanism that prevents overcharging. However, the charger will continue to charge to compensate for the small bit the phone is consuming. As such, your phone will be bounced between fully charged and a bit below charge, and which can reduce its charging capacity over time.

3. It leads to battery drain

If you plug your phone overnight, you are increasing the time that it needs to charge fully. As a result, you will notice that the battery drains out faster as the phone is already used to being fastened to a power source. The effects may however not be immediate, but you will notice them after 2 to 3 years.

4. For Safety Reasons

However much this is overlooked, it’s not impossible. Your phone can heat up to the point that it catches fire. There has actually been a case from the New Fire Department of a girl who was almost burned for leaving her phone charging overnight. It is, therefore, dangerous to leave your phone charging overnight.

5. Reduces the Battery Lifespan

Lithium-ion batteries should be kept charged between 50 and 80 percent. This charge is usually enough to allow the ions to work and protect your cell. However, when you charge it overnight, your battery goes up to 100%, and that can damage it. Charging your phone overnight poses a risk to your battery as well as to your safety. It is, therefore, better to top up your battery frequently than to charge it overnight. Also, always use certified cables and charges