Shortcut Solutions

everything you need to know to take Technological shortcuts


The early days marked shortcut-solutions responsibility in managing the website Developments. The company, which was into System management consultancy from day one, soon felt the need to provide SEO solutions to its clients as well.

shortcut-solutions was the one of the earliest Odisha company to make into the Argentina market with clients ranging from Argentina National Soccer team (seleccion Argentina) .
shortcut-solutions is presently the emerging freelancing web software services firm in Odisha.

The engineers, technicians and staff at shortcut-solutions aren’t just experienced and capable. We care about your success, and we believe that a solid computing infrastructure can elevate your bottom line and give you a competitive advantage in your industry. It’s the difference between just getting the job done and taking the time to care about your business that makes us a leader in the application of Microsoft product solutions-based IT.

As a total computer solutions firm, we design, provide, and build end-to-end Internet and intranet infrastructures that support business critical applications. We are also a next-generation IT consulting firm, focused exclusively on computer technology systems and infrastructure.